The Financial Times / Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year
Finalist, 2006

“The Wal-Mart Effect” was chosen by the Financial Times as one of the five best business books of 2006.

A Best Book of 2006:

» The Economist
“This is the best account of one of the most extraordinary business phenomena of our time.”
» 800-CEO-Read


Business Week
January 30, 2006
4-star review: “(I)nsightful...Although the folks in Bentonville won't like it, The Wal-Mart Effect is not an anti-Wal-Mart screed.”

The Economist
February 23, 2006
“(T)he most satisfying (Wal-Mart book)... a study of the phenomenon rather than the retailer. It has frequent unexpected insights.”

San Francisco Chronicle
January 22, 2006
“Fishman's book is highly readable, incisive, precise and even elegant...”

USA Today
January 29, 2006
“The strength of Fishman's work is in the stories about the lives that Wal-Mart has touched, set against the backdrop of an astounding array of data. Those who do not shop at Wal-Mart should know — even if your only connection to the company is seeing its large stores pass by the window of your car — that its impact probably reaches your life in ways you never imagined.”

The Houston Chronicle
February 10, 2006
“(N)o Wal-Mart book author has come close to achieving superb until now. Charles Fishman's The Wal-Mart Effect is almost certainly the best yet measured by depth and breadth of research, writing style and evenhanded treatment.”
January 23, 2006
“I unreservedly recommend (“The Wal-Mart Effect”) to anyone who wants to get up to speed on just how influential (and corrosive) Wal-Mart's impact is on the global economy.”

The American Prospect
October 4, 2006
“(B)y far the most important, enlightening, and judicious examination of the new economy I've yet seen... It's masterfully written, deeply reported, and thoroughly analyzed.”

Christian Science Monitor
January 17, 2006
“...clarity, compelling nuance, and refreshing objectivity...”

US News & World Report
January 23, 2006
“The Wal-Mart Effect delves deeply into how the retail monolith shapes the economic life of the nation — while never flinching from how Wal-Mart ‘mirrors our own energy, our sense of destiny, our appetite for bigness and variety and innovation.’ ”

Asia Times
July 15, 2006
“superb... The Wal-Mart effect is essential for those doing business with Wal-Mart, those seeking to understand the role price plays to North American consumers and individuals who seek to understand how Wal-Mart is impacting the global economy. Few readers will set this book down without profit.”

London Review of Books
June 22, 2006
“...punchy and valuable...”

February 20, 2006
“fascinating and disturbing” / Jack Covert Selects
January 6, 2006
“This book is a must-read for anyone interested in business.”


The Wal-Mart Effect” in The Washington Post Style section
“Cart Blanche: The megamarket’s savings don’t come cheap”
By Bob Thompson
April 13, 2006
“We think we know all about Wal-Mart. But we don’t. ... Wal-Mart is a retail planet with a gravitational pull so strong it shapes our economic universe in ways we can barely comprehend.”

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